Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BALVIKAS 2007-2008

Dear Friends/Parents
Information about this year BALVIKAS 2007-2008


Non-religious, Universal, Value-based Education


Open to Everyone

For the children of age group 5-15 yrs

Organized By:

Sri Satya Sai Baba Centre of Saskatoon

Love All Serve All

Help ever Hurt never

The word Education comes from the Latin root word "Educare" which means "to elicit" or "to draw out". Thus, the main aim of this program is to develop and nurture the spiritual and moral values in the child that help to unfold the inherent "Divinity" and let it blossom in all directions to the best of its ability.

This educational movement was launched by Sri Sathya Sai Baba to blossom today’s children into citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Founded in 1969 it has grown into an international movement. It trains children from the age of 5 to the age of 15. It complements the school education. The primary objective of this program is to develop character based on Love, Peace, Non-violence, Truth and Right Conduct.

Sathya Sai Baba asserts that the purpose of education is not for the acquisition of knowledge or material possessions, but first and foremost for moral character development and service to humanity. Before academic and scientific knowledge can be of use to the individual, the basic human values of truth, right action, love, non-violence and peace must be inculcated from a young age. Only then can the worldly knowledge gained through education be of positive, constructive use to the individual and society.

Broad outline of the curriculum includes:

  • Teaching and practising Human values
  • Stories from all culture and heritage, Stories from other religions and religious leaders, emphasizing the underlying unity of all religions e.g., Christianity, Buddhism, First Nation’s Spirituality, Judaism, Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism,
  • Importance and Inner significance of various festivals,
  • Value Songs
  • Silent Sitting
  • Group Activities e.g., Role-play, value games, debates etc.

Classes start from Sept. 8th, 2007.

Time: Every Saturday

1½ hrs: 2.30PM to 4.30PM

Venue: Presbyterian Church

925 Mckercher Drive

For further details about registration please email at sssbcentre.saskatoon@ yahoo.ca / baluvalar@yahoo.ca

Or contact the following persons

Umashankar, Das -373-6105(H), 966-6358(Off)

Valarmathi Balakrishnan – 477-1717

Kumudini Lakshman – 374-1413

Ranganathan, Ranga – 244-1568

Eshwari Selvaraj -955 -0467

This year "DYANAMIC VALUE PARENTING" course will be given along with the Balvikas classes at the same time, same venue, every saturday. This course is strongly suggested for all parents registering their children. This class is a good "HUMAN VALUES" experience for all youth and adults. This practical training enables everyone to understand and practise human values of truth, right action, love, peace and non-violence. Gurus Ranga and Lakshman will be teaching this course. For further details contact Ranga at 244-1568.




Smriti said...

Is there any center in or near folsom california.
I am really interested to send my child to satya sai.

Smriti said...

Is there any center in or near folsom california.
I am really interested to send my child to satya sai.

Anonymous said...


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