Sunday, February 04, 2007

ISA Annual Indoor Sports Activities

Dear ISA members,
With your support and enthusiasm we have planned to have an annual in door sports event. Presently we plan to conduct Chess and Carom tournaments. The place and the venue are yet be finalised. They are most likely to be on week ends in #105, Souris Hall, Cumberland Ave S. The details to the effect will be announced soon.

Those who are interested in participating in the tournament should send an email giving their name and the event that they are interested in BEFORE THURSDAY.



First prize: $100 in cash

Second prize: $75 in cash

All the participants will have enough spicy snacks to fill the holes in the teeth, during the tournament. Special prizes for OPEN CLEAR and WITHIN 10 MOVE WIN are under active consideration.

Hurry up and send email to To ensure commitment and healthy competition, we have thought of charging $2 fee to participants. Please pay at the venue.

India Students' Association
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Canada.
*** Please Read This if you are a New Student *** VISIT and join our email group. You may then send email to all Indian students. A student from your own department might be able to give you more usefull information than any of the ISA executive members. Do not forget to check the new students section in the website. If your arrival is finalised, fill and send it to us. That will help us arrange your pickup. All services offered by ISA are a favour extended to you by the designated/volunteering individuals in their personal capacity.

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