Friday, November 03, 2006

"PARICHAY" - An Introduction

PARICHAY - An Introduction is a programme oraganised by ISA every year to welcome new students from India. This year its organised on 11th November (Saturday), 2006. We welcome you all to this programme. Your presence makes this function a grand success as its been every year. Please consider this as an formal Invitation and grace the occassion.

India Students' Association (ISA)
U of S, Saskatoon.


Anonymous said...

This was the worst organized event that i have ever been to and believe me ive been to a lot of events. What were you guys thinking? No one could get in please use your brains before u guys organize events in places like this... people with tickets could not even get in ... my family from calgary came i couldnt get them in either... even the participants couldnt get in....if you guys need some planning or organizing help (which obviously u do ) please dont hesitate to get the opinions of someone with more experience and knowledge about organizing events... once again this event was a huge disappointment.. what a waste of a night

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

rather go watch don again then going to parichay again in my life.
Jaspal bhatti

~rAGU said...

To whomsoever it may concern.

Dear Madam/Sir.

You may air your grivienes directly by sending an email to the president of ISA(check website for contact details). Include full contact information in all your correspondences. Although ISA makes all efforts to respond to your emails, no reply is guaranteed.

ISA, Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Jaspal Bhatti,

This is a friendly reply to your comment made on Parichay. On behalf of ISA I apologize for all the inconveniences caused during Parichay.

Organising a programme requires lot many things, of which public inspiration and co-operation is very important. When we distributed the tickets, we averaged 3 entry per family ticket. We never anticipated that people would come in 5-6 persons per family ticket and also it was surprising that two families came to the show using single family ticket. On top of this, there were some unexpected intrusions from the facility management who came up with some weird rules and regulations on the day of the programme.

This made our estimations go wrong.
Its wrong that participants were not able to get in. If so then how did they perform?

One note at the end: If you still feel that the night you spent was nothing but waste.....please report your comments in specific and please for god sake don’t generalize the statement and say the entire programme was worst. Talk in specific areas. This blog is read by many people. It’s not good on anybody's part to write like what you have done here.

Maturity makes man perfect.

Thanks for your patience

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!