Monday, October 02, 2006


Hi Everyone,


As everybody know that it has become a tradition to welcome the new

students to make them feel homely. India Students Association has

decided to organize a function "PARICHAY', which is being organized

every year as an annual function as a get together function. To make 'PARICHAY'- a successful programme ISA board has decided to have following committees,


1. Cultural committee

2. Food committee

3. Stage Management committee (Decoration, Slide Presentation and Anchoring) committee

4. Fundraising, Tickets and sales committee

5. Reception committee.


We are looking for VOLUNTEERS (members) to each of these committees and anybody who is interested in making PARICHAY programme succesful by becoming volunteers/members to any/all of the committees can conatct following individuals,


Rajesh Jaiswal -

Vivek Pande    -



Kiran Doranalli 


India Students' Association
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Canada                             

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